Computer programming has been one of my growing interests, and it has been increasingly useful as my time as a researcher has progressed. Below are selected downloadable programs for windows OS (unless otherwise noted) that I have written and may be useful for others. This software is typically written in c++, c#, or Python, although some are written in AutoHotKey. The documentation for each can be found by clicking the "dox" link.


Savuka VirtualBox

Linux VirtualBox with Savuka (Fortran) installed

updated 2014

A general global analysis software package (see: This virtual box uses a light version of SliTaz linux to package a pre-installed version of Savuka for distribution.

Error Propagation Calculator

Written in Python, using wxWidgets

updated 2014

Propagate the error of measurements through calculations. Essentially a cross-platform GUI front-end for Python Uncertainties library that does not require knowledge of Python to use.


Written in c#, visual studio 2010

updated 2013

This software was developed for the fast manual and automated analysis of large sets of continuous flow small angle x-ray scattering data (CF-SAXS). The funtions include data organizationa nd book keeping, data transforms (buffer subtractions, averaging, multiplying, adding, kratky, and Guinier), single value decomposition, Guinier fitting (manual or auto), error propagation, file I/O, plotting, etc...). It is intended for use with post-reduction 2D data.

Denaturant Concentration Calculator

Written in c++, code::blocks with wxwidgets

updated 2013

This program is used to calculate either the GndHCl or Urea concentration of a solution from it's refractive index. For multiple samples, a list can be generated and saved (human readable) for later analysis.

Aviv IBP Wavelength Scan Script

Written in AutoHotKey, dependent on AVIV SF software

updated 2012

This script uses keyboard commands to increment the wavelength setting of the AVIV software without constant human attention.

Jasco Batch Export to ASCII

Written in AutoHotKey, includes JASCO dependencies

updated 2012

This program allows the user to batch export binary Jasco files in ASCII format. For Some reason this option is not included in the original software.

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